A downloadable game for Windows

Find the 8 bottles before getting caught. 

Be cool, that's my first attempt to create a game. Tell me how I could improve instead of telling me it sucks. Thanks guys ! :D

Send me a screenshot if you find the 8 bottles without getting slaughtered !

Game still in progress.

Last update : 11.07.2017

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Published 141 days ago


v.0.0.8 64Bits.zip 194 MB


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I had an enjoyable time playing this game, unfortunate I haven't come up with a name yet, but maybe one of my subs will :) I like the slender esk of it but with bottles instead. I like the shape of the map and I think the atmosphere is this unique style thats pretty but can keep the creepy feeling of knowing something's after you alive. I think the creature you created was absolutely hilarious, you have this fear of knowing something is chasing you and when it catches up to you you're like "What the f***!" It was great. The only complaints I have are the beginning paper animation got frustrating, I think if you could make it so if you don't go to the main menu you'd just start with the paper saying collect 8 bottles instead of forcing us to watch the same animation after every death when we just want to go find the bottles.  At times when I was playing I would walk by the walls and occasionally an E/F would pop up for just a second but spending a few minutes looking for the bottle I could not find it, and I experienced some pretty bad motion sickness after playing the game for about 30 minutes so unfortunately I didn't get to see what happens after you collect the bottles. As for the motion sickness i'm kind of weird with it because watching someone play the last of us i'll get it as well as watching someone fly a plane on GTA, but playing them i'm fine, so I wouldn't change anything on my part I would wait until you get some more feedback! Back besides that I had a great time playing and trying to climb over top the mountains in the game! 

P.S. WHAT WAS HE SAYING???? Is it supposed to be inaudible or is he actually saying something? lol thanks 

Hey ! Thanks for the feedback ! I'm glad you had a nice time playing it. I'll try to change a few things to make it more pleasant to play.  By the way, you can use your flashlight by pressing R, finding the bottles will probably be easier with that feature ! And the guy chasing you is saying random shit in french, that doesn't really mean anything.

Thanks and cya ! 

Je trouve ton jeu super ! Haha je me suis fais massacrée ça saoule ^^

Hey ! :D Merci, dis moi ce que je pourrais améliorer :) Et où est-ce que tu es tombé sur mon jeu ? ^^

alors tout d'abord je suis tombé sur ton jeu grâce a un lien que tu as mis sur la vidéo de " créer un jeu video "

Et puis ça m'a plus ^^ je n'es rien a dire comme chose amélioré !

tu as trouvé combien de bouteilles ? ^^

malheureuse 2 hhah